"On December 2, 2008, Mr. Cucinotta installed a Intelliflo VS 3050 pool pump for me. Since the installation the energy usage has dropped dramatically. This unit is very efficient and quiet. I would highly recommend the use of this equipment for your pool.

Sincerely, Charles Danenberg"


When her single-speed pool pump broke last year, Diane Kaczmarek used her tax return to purchase the more expensive variable speed pump instead of replacing the less efficient model. Since then, her electric bills have decreased an average of $75 per month.

“I had some sticker shock when Tom told me about the pump. I probably wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t have the cash on hand,” she said. “But I’m glad I did. It’s quickly paying for itself and I’m surprised how much quieter it is. I didn’t realize how much noise the old one made.”


Science teacher Margi Newman reports that her electric bills have been reduced by an average of $77 per month since installing the pump, not including a historically cold January.

“As a science teacher I’m constantly telling my students to understand how important it is to conserve resources. This was a teachable moment for me.”


In the four months prior to installing a variable speed pump, John Izzo’s electric bills were an average of $495 per month. Since installing the pump in May 2009, he has not had an electric bill of more than $357. The savings from that investment inspired Izzo to investigate further efficiency improvements this winter, including a new air conditioner.


Mechanical engineer Howard Goldberg was so skeptical of the savings Cucinotta promised that he looked up the patent on the equipment to verify its technical claims. Since installing a variable speed pump and LED pool lights in July 2009, Goldberg’s electric bills have been reduced by an average of $75 per month.

“This will pay for itself in 12 to 18 months. I’ve even talked my neighbor into getting a new pump.”


In March, plumber Mike Pleasant received his lowest electric bill in 10 years. In the three months since installing the IntelliFlo pump his bills have fallen from $400 per month to $236, $228 and $212.

“It’s opened my eyes and motivated me to do things differently in my business,” said Pleasant, Principal of Papa’s Plumbing in West Palm Beach. “I used to tell my customers that ‘green’ equipment such as tankless water heaters weren’t worth the money. Now I recommend them.”


"Tom Replaced my Original pump a few years ago, So when my house was struck by lightning in August 2011, I called Tom because I trust his advice and service expertise. He installed an Intelliflow VRS energy saving pump. It made sense since the new law would require the pump to be updated eventually. The savings is fantastic, My Aug-Sept FPL bill saved our family $84.00 compared to the previous bill. I suggest the Intelliflo pump for everyone."

Robert Madonna


"In 2017 I moved into my new home in the West Boynton area.Having never owned a pool before I had no idea how to take care of it.Through recommendations from friends, I called Tom.They were right when they said "he knows his stuff". Tom installed an Intelliflo pump which is totally silent & because of its efficiency saves me approximately 75.00 a month.The weekly service is on time & proffesional.Tom is always available when I need him with any questions.I would not recommend anyone else!"

Fiorella Guardascione